The US-release name of the popular early-90's computer game "Another World" created by Delphine Software Cinematique and distributed by Interplay.

Features listed on the box:
  • Cinematically styled, rotoscoped animation
  • State of the art, real-time, polygonal graphics
  • A continual audio mix of digitized sound effects and musical score
  • VGA graphics
  • Supports most major sound boards
  • Keyboard/joystick controlled
  • An action/adventure that actually tells a story
From OOTW's jaw-dropping intro to its inspired alien vistas, there is much to appreciate about this title. The game really draws players in by projecting a sense of isolation from the real world and rewarding them with an intriguing, if not totally original, story. OOTW is rather too short, however. For those who continued to crave this style of entertainment, Flashback was a godsend. Although it is also developed by Delphine Software, it is not the sequel to OOTW.

The package I own features a very skimpy 4-page manual and a code wheel as its form of copy protection.

A television program that ran between 1987 and 1991. Centered around the life of Evie Garland, a young girl whose father, Troy Garland, was from the alien world of Anterias. He communicated with her through a crystal cube. Her mother, Donna, raised the half-human child in Marlow, California after the girl's father returned to space.

Evie possesses several supernatural abilities, including the ability to freeze time by touching the tips of her index fingers together. She is able to release "frozen" people from this freeze by touching them with both her palms simultaneously. She also has the ability to translocate herself and to conjure objects into existence.

When I was younger, this show was played right after Lost In Space on the local television network. It was a staple of my afternoon life and I had (I have, rather) a mad crush on Evie.

The show was produced by Bob Barker Productions and ran for ninety-six episodes. The directors include (in alphabetical order): Scott Baio, Bob Claver, Michael Dimitch, Selig Frank, Jeffrey Ganz, Stan Harris, Russ Petranto, Jack Regas, and Renny Temple.

The part of Evie was played by Maureen Flannigan. Her father's voice was Burt Reynolds'. Her mother's part was played by Donna Pescow.

Out of this World is an 80's sitcom (originally aired from 1987 to 1991). It is the story of Evie, a girl who's father is an alien. Because of Evie's alien heritage, she has magic powers. Her father, voiced by Burt Reynolds, lives on the planet Anterias. She can speak to him only through a large crystal cube that she keeps in her bedroom. She lives with her mother in Marlow, California.

Every episode of Out of this World is centered around Evie. Which is quite OK with me because Evie was pretty cute (as was her best friend). All of the other characters are almost completely one dimensional. This is also one of those shows that suffers from severe lack of sets. Almost all of the action of this show happens in the kitchen, the living room, Evie's bedroom, or the local burger joint.

This show is extremely repetitive in all aspects. Each episode has a moral to the story (most of them involving not misusing Evie's magic powers). Everything always works out alright by the end of the episode, and Evie has once again learned a "valuable lesson." This show did do one rather unusual thing. Instead of "aging" slowly like most TV teens do, Evie aged a little faster than normal, going from 13 years old to 18 years old in less than 4 seasons.

Evie has a wide range of powers. The first and foremost of which was the ability to "stop time" by touching her fingers together. She could then touch other people and wake them up so they could move in null-time also. Evie can also teleport herself and others. She can change shape, levitate, and make objects appear from nowhere. Other powers (rarely used) include time travel, duplication of herself, clairvoyance, and clairaudience. Evie has the ability to use most of her powers on not only herself, but on other people and inanimate objects as well.


Donna Pescow as Donna Garland
Maureen Flannigan as Evie Ethel Garland
Doug McClure as Mayor Kyle Applegate
Burt Reynolds as Troy Garland of Anterias
Christina Nigra as Lindsey Selkirk
Steve Burton as Chris Fuller
Buzz Belmondo as Buzz

Produced By
Bob Barker Productions


Scott Baio
Bob Claver
Michael Dimitch
Selig Frank
Jeffrey Ganz
Stan Harris
Russ Petranto
Jack Regas
Renny Temple

Episode Guide

Season One
  1. Evie's Thirteenth Birthday
  2. Playing With the Power
  3. The Nightmare
  4. Till Then
  5. Evie, Get Your Basketball
  6. Every Beano Has His Day
  7. Evie and the Young Astronauts
  8. Fifties Mom
  9. Dueling Mayors
  10. Baby Talk
  11. Beano's New Diet Clinic
  12. Uh, Oh... Here Comes Mother
  13. The Anniversary
  14. To Tell the Truth
  15. Pen Pals
  16. Broadway Danny Derek
  17. Mosquito Man: the Motion Picture
  18. The Russians Are Coming
  19. AKA: Dad
  20. The Illness
  21. The Box Is Missing
  22. Boy Crazy
  23. The Three Faces of Evie
  24. I've Got a Secret

Season Two
  1. Evie's Birthday Wish
  2. Blast From the Past
  3. Career Crunch
  4. Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?
  5. Evie's First Kiss
  6. Princess Evie
  7. Old Flame
  8. Guess Who's Coming to Earth
  9. Go West, Young Mayor
  10. Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind
  11. The Incredible Hunk
  12. Pupil's Court
  13. Evie's Two Dads
  14. The Secret of Evie's Success
  15. Honest Evie
  16. Evie Goes to Hollywood
  17. Two Many Evies
  18. Futile Attraction
  19. Beano the Kid
  20. Queens for a Day
  21. The Amazing Evie
  22. Whose House Is It, Anyway?
  23. Frisky Business
  24. Star Dog

Season Three
  1. Evie's Sweet Sixteen
  2. Cinderella Evie
  3. Bring Me the Head of Donna Garland
  4. A Froggy Day In Marlowe Town
  5. Eviegeist
  6. Evie's Driver's License
  7. Evie Goes for the Gold
  8. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
  9. Around the World in Minutes
  10. It's A Cruel World
  11. Evie / Stevie
  12. The Rocks That Couldn't Roll
  13. One In a Million
  14. Four Men and a Baby
  15. Evie's Double Trouble
  16. The Garden of Evie
  17. Evie's Magic Touch
  18. Cowboy Kyle, Man of Granite
  19. Evie's Secret Admirer
  20. Evie's Yuppie Love
  21. Diamonds Are Evie's Best Friend
  22. A Kinder, Gentler Mayor
  23. My Mother the Con
  24. Goodbye, Mr. Chris

Season Four
  1. New Kid on the Block
  2. My Little Evie
  3. Forget Your Troubles
  4. A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Read
  5. Evie's Guardian Angel
  6. Best Friends
  7. I Want My Evie TV
  8. Come Fly With Evie
  9. Roomies
  10. Evie's High Anxiety
  11. Evie's False Alarm
  12. Marlowe Vice
  13. Evie's Latin Touch
  14. My Mom, and Why I Love Her
  15. Heck's Angels
  16. Would You Buy a Used Car From This Dude
  17. Evie Nightingale
  18. All About Evie
  19. Mayor Evie
  20. Stump Your Neighbor
  21. Evie's Three Promises
  22. Too Late for Evie
  23. Educating Kyle
  24. Evie's Eighteen

You're right out of a book,
A fairy tale I read when I was so high,
No armored knight, out of a book,
Was more enchanted by a Lorelei,
Than I

- Lyric as interpreted by Ella Fitzgerald (excerpt)

Composer: Harold Arlen
Lyrics: Johnny Mercer
From the 1945 Paramount Musical Motion Picture "Out of This World."

Certainly not one of Arlen's most famous songs, the infectious melody lends itself to a wide variety of arrangements, however. Mercer's lyrics were way ahead of their time; incorporating references to Medieval literature. Although arguably unintentional, the lyric's intense mood of devotion is more space age than World War II-era kitsch.

What is remarkable about this tune is the number of artists who've chosen to record it.

Ella Fitzgerald sings the song very straight-ahead. The version in the Harold Arlen Songbook series swings less than much of the other material. It was Sammy Davis, Jr. who aced the "space age" feel that the song seemed destined to somehow embrace. Davis's version features definitively bebop-style screaming trumpet solos typical of his "way out" feel. These two recordings are on opposite ends of the arrangement spectrum. To hear the two versions played one after another is bound to amaze the listener with the versatile and timeless nature of both Arlen's music and Mercer's words. Davis's version can be found on any of the "Rat Pack" compilations currently on the market. And both Harold Arlen Songbook volumes have been delightfully re-mastered and issued on the UMVD label. The two-record set is pricey, but worth the money if one wants to hear some of the finest work Fitzgerald turned out.

Frank Sinatra recorded two versions with two different arrangers. Tony Bennett's versions are pretty much run-of-the-mill. The roster of talented performers who chose to record this song ranges from Julie Andrews to Kenny Burrell. Soul artist Marlena Shaw does this song in a particularly funky way, with an obvious nod to Davis's recordings of a decade or so before her. Zany jazz vocalist Mark Murphy performs the tune in his own inimitable style. It's a version that modern jazz vocal buffs shouldn't miss.

All in all, fifty-one artists have licensed the song for recording. Dear reader, copyright restrictions forbid anything but a brief excerpt of the lyrics to this song. But to venture into the myriad interpretations of "Out of This World" is to venture into the Harold Arlen songbook, following not the dated and whimsical "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" from The Wizard of Oz, but rather getting into a flying saucer and flitting around the planets with a person in love and the object of their affection.

Artists interested in licensing the song for recording or obtaining sheet music for performance, may contact:   Edwin H. Morris & Co., Inc.; c/o MPL Communications, 41 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019.

"Out of This World" is also the title of a short film contained in the archives of the Prellinger Collection on-line. The film is about a woman's trip to the General Motors Building at the New York World's Fair in 1964 to see the "Kitchen of Tomorrow."



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