By Jwnody - a student

The documents contained in this book present a running account of materials we have printed and published in relationship to our mission on this planet, spanning the past two decades.

To help you understand who we are, we have taken the liberty to express a brief synopsis in the vernacular of a popular "science fiction" entertainment series. Most readers in the late 20th Century will certainly recognize the intended parallels. It is really quite interesting to see how the context of fiction can often open the mind to advanced possibilities which are, in reality, quite close to fact.

Excerpt from Extraterrestrials Return with Final Warning (located in Section 5):

"An 'away team' from an Evolutionary Level Above Human, an 'Admiral,' and His 'Captain' and crew, during the 1920's to 1950's picked and prepped the human bodies which they would wear for the task we are about to describe. They came into those bodies in the 1970's - the Admiral and Captain first. They began rounding up their crew in '75 and assisting them in the process of entering and taking charge of their own assigned human bodies. They called their crew together by means of a public statement and meetings (over about a 9-month period). The media, typically hastily judging them, tagged them the 'UFO Cult,' because of their expectation of leaving aboard a spacecraft (UFO) at the completion of their task. The Two then took the ones who followed them into seclusion, completely separate from the world for almost 17 years, not only completing their 'awakening' or adjustment to their human bodies and this primitive civilization, but also took them through a 'metamorphic' classroom experience of changing over their consciousness and behavior to match with that of their distant culture from whence they had come."

Those 17 years of seclusion ended for us in 1992. From 1975/1976 until we went public again in 1992, we were very much "lifted out" of this world - literally. In 1988, however, we did write the '88 Update, including, quite appropriately, some updated thinking. We also took this opportunity to set the record straight with a written account of our history, refuting many of the false reports and outright lies widely circulated and published by the media back in 1975. We sent it out far and wide for "those who had ears to hear." But it was clearly part of the Next Level's design to keep us protected and secluded a while longer, so we remained hidden and virtually unfindable for several more years.

In the early 1990s, we began to get clear signals that our "classroom time" per se was nearly over, but that some involvement with the public was about to begin. So, we started the painful and arduous task of trying to figure out how to re-interface, communicate, with a human civilization which by this time had become quite foreign to where our thinking had evolved. Nevertheless, in early 1992, we had our "coming out." We did a series of satellite TV broadcasts, entitled Beyond Human - The Last Call, and for the first time in 17 years, we corresponded for a brief period with those who opted to write to us. And a very interesting phenomenon occurred. Although we thought we were presenting our information to the "public at large," much to our surprise, those who watched and responded were almost entirely our own "lost sheep" - that is, crew members who had previously dropped away, having been overcome in earlier years by the temptations of an increasingly decadent civilization. They now were desperately seeking a way to reconnect. And they did.

After these returnees had a period of time to readapt to the ways of the classroom/Next Level, we once again set out to offer our information to the public. Our dilemma was multifaceted: How do we present the information in a credible fashion, when to most, our Truth is definitely stranger than any fiction? How do we avoid being seen as religious, in order to not "turn off" those who rightfully despise the hypocrisy of what religions have become? At the same time, how do we acknowledge our past associations with this civilization which are primarily recorded in your Bible, so as to offer those who are waiting for prophecy to be fulfilled, enough clues to put it together? As you read our various presentations, you will see our many attempts to "speak in tongues" - to speak in several languages and to several stratas simultaneously.

A fact that we take for granted but which may take some explanation for others, is that the Next Level does not always let us in on the overview of their strategy. "Next steps," timetables, and even conceptual understandings are given to us only on a "need to know" basis. Without a doubt, the Next Level has had an extremely detailed lesson plan designed for our personal growth. In retrospect, it is quite evident how the premature introduction of more advanced concepts and understandings early on would have completely "blown" the circuitry of the comparatively primitive human computers (brains) we were using. Consequently, new steps and understandings were presented throughout our awakening in a carefully calculated sequence. By this method, the limited human mechanism could, with some effort, be reprogrammed to accept and assimilate the advanced, non-human perspectives we were receiving. As a result, you will notice that throughout our materials, our understandings are constantly being updated and refined as our circuitry adapted. One "fact" we learned early on is that, what is truth for us today may be just a stepping stone to a higher understanding that may be given to us tomorrow.

Our elementary lesson plan was, of course, extremely frustrating for our Teachers - who literally were not permitted to access the mind/knowledge and even the memories that were previously their own (in the Next Level), but which were not a compatible match with their temporary human condition and current task assignment. Furthermore, conscious remembrance of too much knowledge too soon could potentially be an interference and liability to their plan - our growth pattern. The irony here is that they were likely the ones who, before coming into these bodies, designed these "limitations" into their task - so, they had only themselves to blame. This is a bit of what we would call Next Level humor.

But back to our overall chronology. On May 27, 1993, we took a much more overt step toward the conclusion of our task. We published a 1/3-page ad/statement in both the national and international editions of USA TODAY, entitled "UFO Cult" Resurfaces with Final Offer (see Section 5). And again the ball was rolling. We were definitely in the public eye. This ad/statement, entitled Last Chance To Advance Beyond Human (see Section 6), with slight variations, was then reprinted in alternative newspapers, weekly newspapers, and various magazines around the country as well as overseas (listed in Section 5). During the months that followed, we maintained an ongoing correspondence with, as well as provided video tapes and written materials to, those who wrote to us with sincere interest.

Then, in January of 1994, once again, we sold all of our worldly possessions except for a few cars and changes of clothing, and set out cross-country holding free public meetings from coast to coast for 9 months (meeting locations listed in Section 6). In addition, we did countless newspaper, radio, and TV interviews. It became clear to us, during the course of those meetings, that our primary purpose for being out there at that particular time, was not to relate to the public in general, but to locate our additional crew members, whom we now refer to as the "second wave." Their addition to our class in 1994 nearly doubled our numbers. It was quite evident to them and to us that we were of the same family, of the same mind. And once again, we realized that this was all part of a greater plan that was unfolding according to the design of those in the Next Level responsible for this current civilization "experiment." What some might call the "second rapture" or snatching away, found all of us, both the first and the second wave, removed from the world, entering into what we would describe as an accelerated version of the "metamorphic classroom," lasting over a year before our once again "coming out."

Then on September 25-26, 1995, from a secluded location, we issued a statement that went out - "on line" - around the globe, for our sixth public interaction. The statement entitled Undercover "Jesus" Surfaces Before Departure was posted to the World Wide Web and to 95 UseNET newsgroups on the Internet, potentially reaching millions simultaneously. And in keeping with our policy of "speaking in tongues," on October 11, 1995, we posted a higher, more generic translation, entitled '95 Statement by an E.T. Presently Incarnate. The response was extremely animated and somewhat mixed. However, the loudest voices were those expressing ridicule, hostility, or both - so quick to judge that which they could not comprehend. This was the signal to us to begin our preparations to return "home." The weeds have taken over the garden and truly disturbed its usefulness beyond repair - it is time for the civilization to be recycled - "spaded under."

And so this brings us before the public once again, with our "farewell legacy." At the time of this writing, we do not yet know the extent of this seventh, and we suspect final, public involvement. This book, an anthology of our materials, begins "phase one." Nothing is predetermined. The response of the world to the Next Level will be monitored very carefully. What happens next remains in the balance.

It has been given that what you do with this - how you respond to us - is strictly up to you.

April 1996

Copyright Note: Reproduced on E2 with permission from Heaven's Gate & the Telah Foundation.

CST Approved

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