The University of Pécs was founded in 1367 by Louis the Great and is the oldest university in Hungary.

The medical school at Pécs consists of 23 clinical and 20 non-clinical departments. It has over 43 accredited PhD programs, which bears testament to the high-caliber research conducted there. The faculty comprises of several highly-qualified members, of which 199 hold Ph.D. degrees. The University Hospital boasts of a total of 1350 beds and state of the art equipment. The Heart Center at Pécs is especially reputed. The campus has a wide range of facilities such as shops, kitchens and libraries. Housing is available on campus and is managed by the student council.

The English Program at Pécs was started in 1984 and has been producing successful medical graduates since. As of 2003, 417 students from 18 countries received degrees through the English Program. The medical school is recognized by the Hungarian Accreditation Board and listed on the World Health Organization’s directory of medical schools.

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