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TitleCooled by
Fanfare for the Common Manwertperch
surreal numberswertperch
See Jane. See Jane run.panamaus
etaoin shrdluwertperch
The Ravenmauler
Cloud Atlaswertperch
The Manchurian Candidatewertperch
Why Ancient Historians wrote historyJD
The Devil's TrillJD
An experiment with a poem with no verbsJD
Where were you that Saturday when it rained?JD
Battle of the Atlanticwertperch
trough urinalJD
Message Outboxjaybonci
Sometimes I deal with depression by baking breadZephronias
No one can be unhappy with a fresh box of crayonsborgo
Do chessmasters think more moves ahead?mauler
Robots don't write poetry. Anymore.borgo
Blackstrap Molassesavalyn
Choose Your Own Adventure: Teloch od EophanStuart
Paris Syndromemauler
I might not believe in God, but I sure as hell believe in the power of prayerAuspice
I Wanna Be The Guyavalyn
E2 HTML tags : Appendix 1avalyn
Hakuin Ekakumauler
Rampant mass consumerism is so evil. Hey, can I have a sip of that Frappucino?mad girl's love song
Binary gender fallacyavalyn
revisionist historyavalyn
I've built a lot of blazing speed of light machinesThe Custodian
March 2017 - TLS is Live!mauler
August 8, 2017JD
2017 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffsavalyn
ASMRThe Custodian
Snell's lawmauler
Fears and the Future in Post-Sanity Americaavalyn
Rule Against Perpetuitiesmauler
2016 United States Presidential Electionavalyn
E2 Annexavalyn
Bob Rossavalyn
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