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The first "internet-capable" Palm organizer. It can't surf regular web pages, but instead uses Palm Query Applications (PQAs) which must be HTML-coded to filter information from specific pages.

A Palm Pilot PDA that contains built-in wireless Internet capability, including email and "web clippings" (more properly known as "Palm Query Applications"). It contains 2 megabytes of RAM; the newer Palm VIIx contains 8 megabytes, but is otherwise mostly identical to the VII. Thanks to pilot-link, it works well with Linux.

While the wireless Internet capability can be very convenient (certainly much more so than on a WAP-enabled cellphone!), the Palm VII has been criticized for its relatively large size and short battery life (as compared to other Palm Organizers). The pricing plan for Palm.net service is also odd, based on the number of kilobytes you send or receive per month (although an all-you-can-eat plan is now available). Given that, many people who want wireless PDA capability select the Palm V or Palm Vx and the OmniSky Internet service.

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