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In the Powerpuff Girls Movie, evil superchimp Mojo Jojo creates an army of monkeys who have been given supranormal intelligence (but no wisdom) with the aid of Chemical X.

These monkeys take on their own evildoing personas and try to wrest power away from Mojo Jojo. They shriek their names as they leap into the limelight to reveal their methods to destroy Townsville: "I'm Rocko Socko!" "I'm Killa Drilla!" "I'm Hota Watta!"

After all these humorously big, tough monkeys with their machines of mass destruction, there's a few frames of a skinny, elderly, toothless monkey exclaiming "I'm Pappy Slappy!" as he gleefully smacks a businessman upside the head.

We never see Pappy Slappy again; he's used for that one scene solely for comic effect. The Powerpuff Girls never have to kick his butt, because despite his nasty nature he's just too feeble a villain to bother with.

The world is full of Pappy Slappies.

For instance, there's an old guy at the health club I and my housemates go to. He's grey, skinny, has thick glasses and the beginnings of a wattle neck. He never talks to the other gym members, and glowers at everyone.

More importantly, he has no concept of how to use the equipment properly; he goes as fast as he can, and uses too much weight. The result is that he's always slamming the weights on the stack.

Aside from this being bad for the machines, it annoys practically everyone else in the weight room; you can see it on their faces. It's hard to concentrate on your workout with a nonrhythmic CLANG! WHAM! going on in the background.

"How can someone persist in slamming the weights like that?" we wondered. I speculated that perhaps he was going deaf. Braunbeck offered to be the one to politely ask that he not slam his weights, and went over to talk to him.

Pappy Slappy did everything but fling poo at Braunbeck, who came back to tell us, "Nope, his hearing's fine."

Perhaps when Pappy Slappy was young, he was a tough guy. Perhaps his pride and ill-tempered machismo got him chicks, or at least fear. Now, he's just ridiculous.

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