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A video game from Japan, under the extremely successful Bemani series. (Dance Dance Revolution is another game under this series.) Also referred to without the space in the title as ParaParaParadise. In ParaPara Paradise, or PPP as it is known to players, the object is very similar to DDR: hit sensors in time with arrows that scroll up the screen in time with music. However, unlike DDR, PPP uses five light sensors, placed in a semicircle in front of the player. To activate a sensor, one has to wave a limb over it. As such, the game is easier to pick up on than DDR at first, but can get considerably more difficult as time progresses.

PPP is available at home for the Japanese PlayStation 2, although it is currently rather expensive: one hundred dollars for the controller and another hundred for the game. No American domestic version of the game is available yet, and as of this writing none is planned.

PPP gets its name from a Japanese style of dance known as ParaPara, which is similar to line dancing but somewhat more controlled and specific. ParaPara clubs exist all over Japan.

I'm just waiting for the next, inevitable step: someone creating a game that combines DDR and PPP.

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