King's Dominion Park Security operates on a number of task-related channels. Units identify with a three digit callsign, which is also the number printed on the lower part of their badges.

Channel 3, Output of 464.925 MHz, Input of 469.925 MHz, CTCSS tone 118.8 (Motorola PL 2B).

This channel is populated mostly by 700 units. The system seems to be divided up into zones or rides, I couldn't really tell. Most units are 7x0, ie, 720, 730, 740, with occasional unit numbers that don't end in 0. For example, the day I went, the guy sitting in the big high chair overlooking the lines for the Volcano ride was 724.

Channel 5, Output of 464.475 MHz, Input of 469.475 MHz, CTCSS tone 118.8 (Motorola PL 2B).

This channel seems to be populated by 600 units and serves a different set of security personnel. While I was there one broadcast announcement for everyone was made on channel 5 after the dispatcher asked them to move their radios over.

Both channel 3 and channel 5 are repeaters located on the top of the Eiffel Tower in the center of the park.

For them, a Code Three is an important situation. A 10-76 is a unit enroute. A 10-86 apparently means a disorderly person, although my memory is a little hazy on whether it was exactly 86. It was in the 80s. I believe they used 10-33 for a fainting emergency with medics enroute.

Every hour at around the half hour an announcement is made with the various visitor statistics and metrics for park attendence that day.

Park cleanup crews operate on 464.55 MHz, with various CTCSS tones and no repeaters.

The frequency information and PL tones are valid as of 5/13/01.

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