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Guilt was lonely in her world of Things Gone Wrong, having backstabbed, alienated, or quietly killed a piece of everyone who she once considered friend or family. With all she had done in her life, she felt somehow that she deserved a companion of some sort, to spend her days with as she dwindled way into Forget. So she decided to call upon Wit to help her in her cause. Wit was very anxious to deal with Guilt as little as possible, and even though she was a goddess, so strong in her own logic and power, she too felt the tendrils of discomfort Guilt used as a language. Guilt quickly got her way, as Wit gave into her carefully laid 'remember when's'. Wit agreed to give her a companion, but not a lover as the mortal had supposed.

"If it is a partner you desire, they will come from your own blood and tissue, for I would not pair another creature living, with you and sleep through my dreams soundly." With that, Guilt's belly began to swell and grow, quickly filling out her dress, pressing against her ribs.

"Oh, I am so heavy, so filled. And the pain, I feel as I can not stand, cannot move." But her stomach continued to grow, until it filled a forest, causing trees to collapse upon one another. Wit laughed at the scene and flitted away before Guilt could make her stay.

In the late hours of the night, Guilt nearly worried herself into Forget, as the hill that was her belly had not yet stopped growing. Suddenly with a loud popping sound, a sort of gushing, her stomach blew open right down the middle, exposing a giant of a girl. Naked, long twining hair, she stood nearly fifty feet high. Yes, stood, as she was a full grown woman, in all honosty. And on her body, tattooed all over, from the lips on her face to the lips between her legs, were every account, every word, every whim of her mother's trangressions against people in her past. Guilt was surprised by what she saw, but not to shocked as she had thought she had tricked Wit, but this was the price for what she had done.

The girl was twitching, jumping, jerking all over, looking frantically around until her eyes came to rest on her mother.

"What is your name, child?", Guilt asked half-heartedly, as she was only truly interested in pulling all her loose skin to her and bundling it up into parachute packages all over her body. At least THAT pain is gone, she thought.

"Paranoia", the girl boomed as she noticed all the wording covering her body like an enormous net. "Well, then, my girl, I am your mother, Guilt. And as you are my child and so big and capable, you are going to carry me to wherever we may go."

The giantess reached down and lifted her mother, hefting her to her bosom, cradling her there, but not before her eyes and head darted from side to side, looking for whatever danger it is she thought she saw.

And that's how they traveled the world, getting closer and closer to the doors of Forget, but never actually reaching them. And Paranoia could never escape all the wrongs her mother had committed, as she was constantly reminded by merely looking at her skin. When she did wrong, that story too scratchd itself out on her skin, where she was terrified someone might see what she had done. But Paranoia dutifully carried Guilt, as she knew nothing else to do. Guilt never ran into Wit again, for Wit had the sense to keep her distance.

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