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Pass Notes is the daily feature (usually on the third page) of the tabloid supplement to The Guardian, G2. It profiles famous, or not so, people, places], things and institutions. It is famous for featuring Jerry Springer once every few months.

Beginning in October 1992 Pass Notes has continued ever since, as of today it has had 2,236 additions (number 511 was printed twice and 688 was as well). It’s first ever profile was Gore Vidal.

Pass Notes is written in the style of a conversation, it almost sounds like an exchange on Have I Got News For You between Paul Merton and Ian Hislop. It is often sarcasticand can be slanderous. It often finishes with a “Do say” and “Don’t Say” comment, for instance Mohammed Hussein (documented today), Saddam’s distant cousin employed in a petrol station, has “Do Say: Got any windscreen wiper mate?” and “Don’t say: So, What’s Tony Benn really like?”

Pass Notes has profiled some high profile people (including God), and names Countess Kristina Pilati von Thassul zu Daxberg-Borggreve as the longest name ever featured. For it’s 2000th addition (found here http://www.guardian.co.uk/g2/story/0,3604,653418,00.html) it writes a profile of itself. Pass notes is an excellent supplement to the paper.

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