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A french-canadian tv show for kids created in 1977 by the Ministère de l'éducation, a part of the Governement of Quebec, and aired on Radio-Quebec (now known as Tele-Quebec), a relatively unpopular channel. This show became quickly very popular (400 000 daily viewer in 1983: ~5% of the whole population) and guided a whole generation of child through life with their funny characters (actors, puppets and real kids). The show drastically changed in 1987, going through a more pedagogic scheme, and quietly disappeared around 1993. There were a few re-runs in 1997, but they were soon replaced by the Teletubbies.

Human Characters: Passe Partout, Passe Carreau, Passe Montagne, Grand-Mère, Fardoche, Julie, André

Puppets: Pruneau, Cannelle, Perlin, Perline, Grand-Papa Bi, Madame Coucou, Cachou, Alakazou, Ti-Brin

Passe" par`tout" (?), n. [F., from passer to pass + partout everywhere.]


That by which one can pass anywhere; a safe-conduct.




A master key; a latchkey.


A light picture frame or mat of cardboard, wood, or the like, usually put between the picture and the glass, and sometimes serving for several pictures.


© Webster 1913.

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