This is the first in a series of recipies and cooking tips from LordOmar, this item is named after it's creator, namely me. LordOmar. You will notice that there are no specific amounts in nearly any of my recipies, this is because I do not use such things as measuring cups or spoons. Such tools are for retentive folks such as Martha Stewart, and we'll have no truck with such individuals. And now, Pasta LordOmar:

2 Vine Ripe Tomatoes
a bunch of fresh basil
a slightly smaller bunch of fresh oregano
a bunch (slightly bigger than the bunch of basil) of italian parsley
Some cream
Some salt and pepper
A bit of finely diced orange or yellow sweet bell pepper
A portobello mushroom, de-stemmed and finely diced
some onion, also finely diced.
A few cloves of garlic, finley chopped
A pound of angel hair pasta
olive oil
Some parmesean or Romano cheese

Chop your tomatoes up, into about 1x1 inch pieces or so, throw them in a pot with your fresh herbs, cook for about an hour, until the whole thing looks like a big mush, stir frequently and mash up the pulp of the tomato, maybe throw in a bit of white wine if you have it, or a bit of water after the first ten minutes, season to taste with a bit of salt and pepper. Once the tomatoes are fairly liquid remove from heat and strain through a fine screen, make sure to get all the liquid you can out. Boil the water for your angel hair pasta. Once the water is boiling throw the pasta in, have a glass of wine, and check the pasta, once it gets close to al dente remove it from the water, drain the pasta and toss with a little olive oil (this will keep the pasta from sticking together). Now in frying pan heat some olive oil over high heat, once it pops throw in your onion and bell pepper, don't cook this too much, but toss a bit, now throw in your portobello mushroom, now toss this in the pan until the onions are clear, then thrown in your garlic and cook for just a second (do not let your garlic burn, this creates a bitter flavor that will make anyone eating your dish make a face that any cook would dread). Then throw in the tomato sauce you prepared earlier, once that is heated throw in your cream, mix these two thoroughly, it should be a pleasant pink. Now grab that pasta and toss it in the pan, stir it into the sauce, coating thoroughly over the heat, top with romano cheese, then dish onto plates and serve. Serves two normal folks or one hungry italian.

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