The Pathfinder Platoon, is a small company | large platoon size group of special forces. The Pathfinders, like many British Army infantry regiments recce platoons, is commanded by a Captain. The Platoons responsibiltys are:

  • Finding suitable dropzones
  • Clearing dropzones of enemy immdiatly before parachute drop by regular parachute forces
  • Acting as an extra recce asset after drops have occured

To complete these tasks, The Pathfinders take specialist training, most notably freefall, and special weapons which are required to peform these tasks.

The Pathfinders conduct there own selection for potential members, who come from any part of the British Army, the Royal Marines, or the RAF Regiment. Few are selected from the Royal Marines, because of the mutal dislike between the two units. The selection process is similar to that of SAS, involving much tabbing, and live fire drills. After being selected, members are kept on probabtion for a year, before offically joining.
Its a lot easier to get in, than to stay in it.

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