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Fantasy author of the neo-Arthurian series The Deers Cry Black Mantle The Copper Crown The Hedge of Mist The Oak Above Kings. High fantasy Celts in Space. At one time she had a significant relationship with Jim Morrison. When she began publishing it was under the name of Patricia Kennealy, and sometime close to the 25th anniversary of his death began trading on the name Morrison because they had a spiritual marriage. A MENSA member, she never lets you forget it

According to the Doors/Jim Morrison biography No One Here Gets Out Alive, Jim Morrison and Patricia Kennealy went through a Wicca wedding ceremony, which Patricia took seriously and Jim did not (he was quite likely under the influence of something at the time). The book also says that the two conceived a child, which Patricia wished to keep and Jim persuaded her to abort. He promised to pay for this and to hold her hand while it was done, promises which he did not keep.

Jim Morrison did not consider Patricia Kennealy his wife or "soul mate"; he considered Pamela Courson, with whom he lived for five or six years until his death in 1971, to be his soul mate, and sometimes introduced her to people as "Mrs. Morrison." (Courson died in 1974.) If he were alive today, he would probably be displeased that Patricia Kennealy has adopted his last name (and has a web site at lizardqueen.com, an obvious reference to Morrison's nickname from the lyrics of "Not To Touch The Earth", the "Lizard King.")

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