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The comedian Paul Hogan was a painter on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, who developed an act, and became a popular guest perforner on other shows; he did a commercials for Winfield cigarettes, in which he conducted, or at least interfered with the conducting of, the Tchaikovsky Symphony No 5.

With his own show he was the most popular comedian in Australia, long before the film that brought him to overseas fame. The TV show was like... looking around for a comparison, the Carol Burnett show might fit, comedy situation sketches, stand-up, and variety interludes.

His Hoges persona is, I gather, the one used in that film (I haven't seen it), so there's no need to describe it. The main sketches featured Hoges, his utterly dim-witted mate Strop (played by John Cornell, his manager) who perpetually wore a surf lifesaver's costume and had no success at all with the sheilas, and the gorgeous Delvene Delaney. I have an idea in real life she's Cornell's wife.

Another recurring sketch was wordless, accompanied only by Scott Joplin's The Entertainer: a pathetic tramp wandering around finding things in bins and revolting the better class of people.

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