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One of the best folk pop artists of mp3.com. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Paul Tabachneck has an uncanny ability to take a personally potentially humiliating experience and present it as a story to an audience in such a way that they will empathically know exactly where he is coming from. Treading the fine line between obsession and apathy, he puts his chip on his shoulder expecting you to knock it off. He pulls his bleeding heart out of his ribcage and leaves it still beating on the table for your perusal. This artist is not to be missed.

Some have compared Paul Tabachneck to artists like Elvis Costello, Dave Matthews and Cat Stevens. However, with four professional albums under his belt, Paul has undoubtedly found his own distinctive sound. He's been songwriting since he turned 18, "when he found that life looked better when a song put it into perspective." A consummate vocalist and guitar player, he's been in two different bands as well as worked on a solo career. He may never be discovered by big record companies, but you can discover him for yourself right here on the Internet. Some of his best works include Patience, Emily Stares and Lani, Lani.

Learn more about him at http://www.mp3.com/pault or http://www.pauliet.com/

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