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Born in Woking 25 may 1958. Paul Weller formed The Jam with Bruce Foxton (bass) and Rick Bukler (drums). As a young man he was obsessed with the mod movement. Following the lead of influential '60's bands like the Small Faces, Paul wore suits with the latest cuts and immersed himself in american soul and R&B. He bought these influences along to the Jam fusing them with his left wing political sensibilities, a dash of youthful anger and a new found common ground with the emerging punk movement of the late 1970's. Paul enjoyed great success with the Jam but by 1981 was feeling constrained by their orthodox power trio line-up and sound. With his songwriting drawing more heavily on the soul influencs of his youth Paul felt that the Jam wasn't the ideal vehicle for his new direction and took the desicion to break up the group.

After disbanding the Jam he went on to form the Style Council. It was here that he met his future wife DC Lee and also took on drummer Steve White, whom Paul continues to work with up to the present day. The addition of Steve White and other musicians broadened the musical palette Paul could work with. Following the Style Councils split he went through a period in the wilderness lacking both direction and a record deal. He remerged in the 90's as a solo artist, reclaiming his reputation as a powerful live performer and releasing albums of Traffic influenced 'heavy soul'.

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