Paula Fox was born April 22, 1923, in New York City. Her father was a writer. The family moved around a great deal, and by the time she was 12, Paula had gone to nine different schools, including a one-room school in Cuba. The first thing she sought out in every school was the library. The Cuban school didn't have one.

Before she wrote kids' books, Fox was a salesgirl, a model, a worker in a rivet-sorting shop, and a lathe operator at Bethlehem Steel during World War II.

Fox lives in New York City, where she enjoys writing and playing the piano.


"Public libraries embody freedom, solace, and truth."

"A lie hides the truth. A story tries to find it."

"As I sit at my typewriter, working, there are moments when I feel I cannot write another word, when the sheer difficulty of discovering what I mean to say and how to say it is so daunting that I want to stop forever. I haven't yet stopped."


Amzat and His Brothers: Three Italian Tales

Desperate Characters

The Eagle Kite

A Likely Place

Lily and the Lost Boy

Maurice's Room

Monkey Island

The Moonlight Man

One-Eyed Cat

Radiance Descending

The Slave Dancer (1974 Newbery Award)

The Village by the Sea

Western Wind

The Widow's Children

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