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One of the pavilions of the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, it is the closest the university has to a Student Union Building. Situated in the building proper are the café-bistro "La Chasse Galerie", the student-run university radio station (CFOU fm), a performance/examination hall, the art gallery "", and the student union, pastoral, outdoor, marketing, finance and theatre club offices. The offices of the public security are also located in this pavilion, but nobody ever goes to that area. Also, there is a strange room, full of baby plants, that looks like it is a hydroponics research facility, but I'll have to do a bit more research to ascertain its purpose.

This pavilion is located centrally within the dispersement of University buildings. Because of its content, position, and multiple entries, there is always alot of student traffic.

From the outside, the most distinguishing features of the pavilion are the semi-cylindrical rooftop over the performance hall, and the sign marked r³, advertising the art gallery.

This pavilion was named after the once-alive writer, Nérée Beauchemin.

Update 5.juin.2002: The pavilion is in a state of restoration. Except for the bar, the radio, the concert hall, the pastoral office, and the art gallery, all of the rooms have been emptied, and have had new walls put in.

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