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Pea fritters are common accompaniments for fish and chips in the UK, especially the northern half of the country. They appear to be quite uncommon in London and the South, one more reason why Huddersfield is the UK's cultural capital. Pea fritters consist of peas encased in batter, and are traditionally bought in pairs, with chips. Sometimes they are roughly spherical, but mostly they are patties. A pattie'o'pea.

They taste of peas... but peas which are encased in batter. Depending on where you buy them, individual pea fritters can cost anything from 60 to 80 pence. They are considerably more common than their two main rivals, Banana fritters and Pineapple fritters, which are made with bananas and pineapples respectively. Judging by the softlink below, apple fritters appear to be extant in the colonies.

Theoretically, anything can be 'fritterised', although I note that frittered Mars Bars seem to be known commonly as 'Deep Fried Mars Bars'. My theory for this is that the UK media are generally based in London, and that when this particular meme broke, reporters assumed that their readers would not recognise the word fritter.

Purchase some mushy peas. Arrange a small quantity to form a quarterpounder-sized patty. Dip the patty in batter. Deep fry. Don't just fry. Deep fry. Until the fritter becomes the colour of gold.

Wait. Remove. Allow to cool slightly and drain of fat. Sprinkle with vinegar and salt. Hire a middle-aged oriental man to wrap them in paper for you. Serve with chips.

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