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In the grand tradition of all those Sierra and Lucascarts adventure games comes Peasant's Quest from Videlectrix!

Actually, it's from The Brothers Chaps, creators of Homestar Runner. A graphics-and-text adventure game that both parodies and pays tribute to King's Quest and all its ilk, Peasant's Quest puts you in the role of Rather Dashing (yes, that's his actual name), a humble peasant who lives in a thatched-roof cottage in the kingdom of Peasantry. Well, he used to, until the infamous Trogdor the Burninator burned down his house while he was on vacation! You must guide Rather on his quest for revenge against the wing-a-ling dragon, traversing a series of screens looking for useful (and not so useful) items and doing quests to prepare for your encounter with Trogdor. The first order of business is looking peasanty-enough...

  • SEE! The land of Peasantry in all its 16-color, low resolution glory!
  • LAUGH! At the sundry in-jokes and references!
  • DIE! At the hands of the dreaded Kerrek! (And be grateful for the autosave feature)

"Can one peasant wearing short pants save the countryside from certain burnination? YOU decide!"

Source: Homestar Runner- http://www.homestarrunner.com/disk4of12.html

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