Second album of Kula Shaker, the band that failed to become the biggest britpop band ever, like some rock critics were eager to predict. This is not, however, because the music is bad. On the contrary, I'd say the music is sublime and this album stands out in all of the records made during the 90s. It has great influence from Indian sounds and aesthetics, managing to escape the hippie approach of the 60's.

First released in 1999 (according to the band's official site:, the album contains 12 songs:

  1. Great Hosannah
  2. Mystical Machine Gun
  3. S.O.S.
  4. Radhe Radhe
  5. I'm Still Here
  6. Shower Your Love
  7. 108 Battles
  8. Sound Of Drums
  9. Timeworm
  10. Last Farewell
  11. Golden Avatar
  12. Namami Nanda-nandana

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