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I have this theory: pedals (like the kind you get with a steering wheel for driving games) would be helpful in a first-person shooter. This theory is based on the assumption that if your feet are not helping you win, they're just taking up space. I am unable to test this theory for two reasons:

  1. I have no pedals.
  2. And that cannot be corrected because: I refuse to buy a full pedal and steering wheel set and that's the only way to get them.

But I theorise that pedals could be useful in any of the possible roles:

Foward Movement and Jumping
It will be a natural action for most of us. Since space marines don't need breaks, the other pedal could be assigned to jump (this seems at least vaguely like the clutch on a standard).
Dodging projectiles must be done intuitively and is therefore a good match for feet which, despite being large and insensitive manage to walk good.
Grenades and other Secondary Projectiles
Feet seems to have a natural aptitude for tapping or more complex taps for throwing grenades (as in Tribes using certain scripts) which are quite difficult with keyboard keys. talehead suggests this
Weapon Firing
If your pedals are well-built, wouldn't it be nice to stomp the ground as you kick ass?

The next revolution in FPS controllers will not be the Microsoft Strategic Commander or the Razor Boomslang, it will be a device as old as the Potter's Wheel.

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