Peggy Lipton, b. August 30, 1947, Lawrence, New York.

Before Peggy became enchanting in the public eye with her portrayal of Julie Barnes in The Mod Squad, her acting resume consisted of a role on The John Forsythe Show, a bit part in an episode of Bewitched and then an appearance in the Disney film, Mosby's Marauders about Confederate Colonel John Singleton Mosby, known for his exploits in the American Civil War as "The Gray Ghost".

Then came 1968 and The Mod Squad. These were cops of a different color, undercover young hipsters who were the antithesis of Joe Friday on Dragnet. At the time it was revolutionary, groundbreaking television. Now it looks hopelessly dated and silly. Then again, today's idea of hip young cops who go undercover where square cops cannot will look silly in a couple of decades. Taken a look at 21 Jump Street lately? The Mod Squad enjoyed a successful six year run on television, eventually becoming part of television history after 1973.

Peggy married Quincy Jones in 1974, one day after his divorce from his previous wife was complete. They were one of the first high profile interracial couples, at a time when such things raised a serious number of eyebrows amongst the masses. Soon after their marriage, Peggy retired for the most part from movies and television to concentrate on raising a family with Quincy. They had two daughters together. Their marriage ended with a mostly amicable divorce in 1989. Peggy has since helped Quincy with the writing of his autobiography.

Peggy's first, brief and possibly regrettable return to the screen came in 1979 when she reunited with the Mod Squad cast to make The Return of the Mod Squad. Her next hiatus would continue until 1988 when she made a cameo appearance (take a guess as whom) in the Wayans Brothers' extremely serious crime drama, I'm Gonna Git You Sucka! There would be a few other appearances, none of which really rang anyone's bell. Then, in 1989, she was chosen by director David Lynch to play the role of Norma Jennings in his upcoming series, Twin Peaks.

Peggy is listed for the ages as one of many stutterers who became famous and successful.
So, put that in your hat and smoke it, Mister I Am Afraid To Leave The House.

On Twin Peaks, Peggy Lipton became easily the most sane character on the show while being introduced to a new generation in a totally different kind of story than she had ever been in before. Peggy's Norma Jennings was the wiser, older, still beautiful observer and advisor surrounded by women who acted on impulse and with little regard for consequence. She was the rock of the show. She also served a damn fine cup of coffee.

Over the decade following Twin Peaks, Peggy Lipton went back to working regularly in movies and television. Her most notable role during this period was portraying Gloria Steinem in the television movie The '70s.

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