If the road to love was marked with milestones like the road to any other destination, if there were signs saying "You are now leaving The Simple Life, have a nice day", how often would people go on?

Imagine being able to see it coming towards you: "Last exit before Heartbreak". You could think, pause, turn before turning became impossible, before going back became as as dangerous as going on.

The reckless ones would put their foot down, pedal to the floor speeding toward sensation and experience.

The cautiously optimistic would halt by the roadside, unpack their emotional baggage and then keep travelling.

But many would stop. The timid ones, scared of the risk and the possible pain; the wounded ones, not prepared to take further punishment; the busy ones, their days too full right now for further complications; the content ones with their mundane, but eminently satisfactory lives, not prepared to disrupt that for a dance of dizziness and depression.

Fewer people would fall in love, if they could see the rope that tripped them.

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