In 1986 ABC began airing Perfect Strangers in what would lead to a long line of television shows that were all slightly interconnected. The premise of the show is that Balki Bartokomous from the island of Mypos comes to Chicago, Illinois to live with his cousin Larry Appleton. The catch is that Larry doesn't know he's coming, nor has he ever heard of his cousin Balki. Well, Balki moves in to Larry's apartment and they get into all sorts of crazy situations and schemes over the course of the show's run. There were a few types of plots that were recycled over the show's run: Larry's crazy schemes, Larry lies and gets caught, Balki doesn't quite fit in, and Larry & Balki get in over their heads.

Originally Larry and Balki worked for Ernie Twinkacetti's discount store, but eventually they quit and took jobs at the Chicago Chronicle (Larry as a reporter and Balki as mailroom clerk). Eventually Balki got the attention of the Chronicle's editor and the paper began running Balki's comic strip, Dimitri's World, based on the life of Balki's old pet sheep from Mypos.

The show came to a close around the time that the cousins married their girlfriends, Jennifer and Mary-Ann, and moved out of the apartment they shared and moved into a big house that they all shared. The series finale saw Jennifer giving birth to a baby on a hot air balloon.

The show aired on ABC from 1986-1993 and eventually anchored the TGIF Friday night line-up. 150 episodes were produced. Reruns air now and then on TV Land and on Nick At Nite whenever there's space to fill on the schedule. In its heydey the show spawned the spinoff Family Matters which also carried over into Full House, placing all three shows in the same universe. Scary, ain't it?

Main Cast

Bronson Pinchot .... Balki Bartokomous
Mark Linn-Baker .... Larry Appleton
Melanie Wilson .... Jennifer Lyons/Jennifer Appleton
Rebeca Arthur .... Mary Anne Spencer/Mary Anne Bartokomous



Their eyes met amidst a hundred others at the party. His heart skipped a beat. He had had many women in his short, eventful life, but none was even remotely close in beauty to the nymph staring right back at him. The hazel eyes seemed calm and innocent, but there was more to her than just that, much more. And he deciphered it perfectly.

She had never seen eyes so intense, a gaze so piercing. He saw right through her. It made her breathing rapid and intense, her heart thumped against her chest, and her mouth was dry. She was helpless and this normally would have made her uncomfortable but something about this man was different, very different. She wanted him, needed him, to break the shackles and unleash the animal within her. She felt him moving closer, which alarmed her, but there was little she could do. Her eyes still fixed right at his, she took a step back but he kept coming forward. Her almost trembling feet kept moving backwards as he moved swiftly towards her, as if they were in a trance. Their movement, was so synchronized that it felt like it was choreographed, which only added to the excitement. They kept moving, he towards her, and she backwards until they entered a candlelit room. She saw him closing the door behind him and this made her legs feel shaky. Her mind begged her not to proceed but her heart vetoed all rationale and she stopped moving backwards. Closing the distance between them ever so slightly with each step that he took, he raised the temperature of the room by a hundred degrees, or that’s how she perceived it.

Her auburn curls swaying over glowing amber skin in the candle light was enough to make any man beg her. He knew there was fire under her dress, he could almost feel her loins burning. His heart beat against his ribcage like fierce rain pattering on rusted metal as his body touched hers. By now he knew that she was, by no measure, an innocent twenty one year old. One half of him wanted to make sweet love to her and the other just wanted to rip her clothes apart and ravage her. He had trouble deciding which half to obey as he slowly embraced her.

She felt him pressing into her abdomen which sent a shiver down her spine. She had never done this before, and he did not know it. But she did nothing to warn him. Why would she? She had never seen someone like him before. Someone, who could make a virgin want to have sex with them without even uttering a single word! It was like he was sent done from above just to perform this one job, make love to her. What happened next did not surprise her. He took her face in his hands and moved it closer to his. She closed her eyes, wishing … begging it to happen. Everything around them seized to exist. Nothing was audible to them, other than their heavy breathing. With their lips about an inch apart, he stopped bringing her face any closer and held it there for a moment. Her breath smelled like strawberries, and his resembled faintly of peppermint. He could smell the fruity shampoo in her hair, savoring it every moment, wishing the moment lasted forever. He would give up all that he loved, craved … worked for all these years, just to be forever in that moment. No more ladies’ man. He was born to love this girl and nothing more, that was clear to him like nothing else in his life. Those few moments felt like eternity to her and she could not wait any longer. In a swift motion, she took his face in her hands and closed the gap between their lips. Her lips were almost celestial. He took her upper lip in both of his and massaged it gently with his tongue. She responded similarly. She let his face go and her hands fell to her sides like there was no life left in them. The kiss, her first kiss, the one she would remember forever, was turning out to be the single most amazing feeling she had ever experienced, yet. It would no longer remain that way by the end of the night.

Still lip locked, he let her face go, placed one of his hands on her firm, supple breast and the other on her back to prevent her from moving away from him. Little did he know that backing out was the last thing on her mind. As he gently massaged her breast and lips with his hand and lips respectively, she let out a moan. Pulling his lips away from hers demanded a great deal of courage, one he did not possess. It was as if he was under a spell she had cast which did not let him part his lips from hers, and only she could undo it. She finally did. Pulling their lips apart, she looked into his eyes and gave a slight nod. It was all he needed. He moved forward, blew his warm breath on her neck and kissed it. She gulped nervously as she felt a slight, warm wetness between her thighs. He undid her shirt buttons and all she could think was if he could be any faster. She helped him remove her crisp white shirt which revealed a site that took his breath away. He needed to sit down and regain the strength required to look at her beautiful breasts packed nicely in a jet black bra. Her beautiful amber skinned breasts in that black bra was nothing he had ever seen before, and he had seen a lot of things!

She unbuttoned and pulled down her denims slowly which revealed panties the same color as her bra and laid straight on her back on the bed while he stood admiring the majestic beauty before his eyes. He felt uncoordinated, his mind telling him one thing while his body did the other, so he stood there for a moment and tried to catch his breath. Whatever happened to ravaging her? He finally gave in, went forward and removed her bra and tried not to look into her eyes. With each piece of clothing removed, she appeared more beautiful. He had been with so many girls but none had the effect on him as she did. Her nipples were firm and a light shade of pink he had never before seen. Gently placing his hand on one breast, he licked the other which made her squirm. She was loving every bit of it. He then kissed her flat stomach and she gave a slight giggle. Pulling him up, his face close to hers, she removed her panties and kissed him again. He couldn’t take it anymore. He removed his jeans and she felt it pressing hard against her. She never thought it would be this hard. Now she really started considering the wisdom of her decision and got really nervous, but they were at the point of no return. He gently placed himself at her opening and thrust in.

She winced and it felt like she was being branded with hot iron. It hurt down there. She was in excruciating pain. He knew then what had happened. How did he not know, how could he not know?! So much for ladies’ man. He looked up and saw her eyes tightly closed and her hands clenching the sheet. She obviously was in immense pain. He didn’t know what to do so he decided to end it there. But as he tried to take himself out, she grabbed him, thrust her fingernails in his back and pulled him back inside of her. Surprised by the sudden series of events, he kissed her and continued the rhythmic motion of his lower back, in and out of her…

After they had finished, he lay on his back beside her. She could have sworn there were tears in his eyes. And he could have sworn that her first kiss wasn’t the most amazing feeling she had ever experienced. 

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