Perry Como died Sunday May 13, 2001 at his home in Jupiter Inlet Beach Colony, Florida. He was 87. He was born Pierino Como on May 18, 1913, in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

Born into a family of Italian immigrants( he was one of 13 chilldren), Como began touring in the 1930s, had his first radio show in the 1940s and made his first television appearence when the medium was just getting off the ground. He was fameous for his X-mas and other holiday specials.

Como was most noted for his ballads. He sold over 100 million records.

Among his top pieces: "If I Loved You," "Till the End of Time," "Far Away Places," "'A' - You're Adorable" and "Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes."

In the 1970s Como made a comeback with the hit singles with "It's Impossible" and "For the Good Times."

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