Formed from ... dust.

In the beginning, there wasn't much. Then it started. It kept coming and coming and... so did the explanations. There were a lot of them. Many of them were beautiful; all of them were practical. Beliefs ebbed and flowed almost like the tides. Then something else started.

Began being ... immediately.

The explanations consolidated. Huge empires of belief were crafted, taking little pieces of this one and that one, splicing them in ways that may or may not have made sense at the time. The important thing was that the belief was universal. Well, close enough at least. Some thrived under this arrangement, and some languished.

Cried out to the world ... constantly.

It didn't take long to realize. This wasn't going to work out. The combination of a severely lacking sense of identity and a resilient stubbornness would make this walk unbearable most of the way. But there was a dignified radiance in the rebellion that would ensue. As long as there would be no giving in.

Returned to the roots ... defiantly.

Objective morality is a blessing if one accepts it absolutely. Otherwise it's most certainly a curse. Personal ethics and values would be trampled, then scavenged and patched together, then ruined again. Trust would be weak. Frailty would abound. The acquiescence could never last for long, however, and the game of spiritual ping-pong would go on. Or would it?

Took the bad with the good ... knowingly.

The monotheism and dogma would have to go. The comfort of being on the "good" side would vanish. The often unnerving unknown would be always creeping in, both materially and metaphysically. The hardest part would be keeping a balance between the many things that oppose each other. The independence would be grand in certain situations, and ruinous in others.

It's a path, and it's to be travelled.

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