PerversionTracker ( is a 'satire' site which reviews badly written, thought-out or presented software for OS X. Most of the reviews dealing with user interface design, choice of user interface theme, and REALbasic can be ignored in favour of sites like web pages that suck, and the user interface hall of shame.

The rare gems on this site are the reviews of applications so pointless or functionally deformed that no matter how their user interface was designed, they'd still be worthless. Steve’s Timer 1.5, for instance, believes each minute has 100 seconds in it. ImageEvents 1.5 was compiled using a shareware version of realbasic, and closes itself after 5 minutes. Shareware with no useful function is often amusing enough by itself to make the 'review' redundant. MyCoins 1.1, for instance has no user interface issues, but is a ($3) shareware application to keep totals of american coins. SmileyPro! is a $12 program with a database of 180 smilies.

PerversionTracker has been known to also review people, plants, and snow sculptures.

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