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In my mind cats and dogs are the complete opposites of the pet world.

Dogs live to serve. They have been breed to enjoy serving man and get much pleasure from doing their masters bidding. They are willing slaves of man and even think of themselves as such. Sure there are exceptions, but this rule applies to most dogs.

Cats on the other hand are completely different. They think of humans as their slaves. Did you know that the “Meow” sound cats make is used solely for communication with humans? You may just hear a harmless little noise, but your cat actually saying a bit more than that.

Meow, let me in Meow, let me out.
Meow, feed me. .
Meow, pet me. .
Meow, I don’t actually need anything. I just wanted to watch you get up and walk over here only to become confused when I stare at you blankly.

When you put it like that, it seems as though cats have humans pretty well trained.

I’m not actually suggesting that humans are cat’s slaves, but try telling that to my cat. If my cat could talk her response would be something along the lines of, “Silly human, go ahead and write you little node. It will not save you from your complete and utter servitude.”

You might ask why I don’t simply throw my cat off the nearest tall building, drown her in the nearest body of water, or skin her in one of the many possible ways. It is because I and all cat lovers are like dogs. Whether we know it or not, we enjoy serving our cats.

People have dogs because they enjoy being served and cats because they enjoy serving.

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