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Doctor Who - The New Series

Pete Tyler

Played by: Shaun Dingwall (2005-2006)

Age: Approx. 30 in 1987.

Occupation: Entrepreneur.

Doctor: The Ninth Doctor, The Tenth Doctor.

Season One Pete Tyler is the father of Rose Tyler, The Doctor's first companion in the new series. Although Pete likes to imagine that he's a businessman, he's really just a small-time dodgy dealer in the Del Boy mould, buying items of dubious provenance and value and trying to sell them for more than they're worth.

By the time of the first episode of the new series Pete Tyler was already dead, having been killed in a traffic accident when Rose was just a baby. Rose asked The Doctor to take her back in time so that she could witness his death and come to terms with it. He did so, but afterwards she asked to be taken back again and this time she pushed Pete out of the way of the car.

Not knowing why he suddenly felt a connection with the girl who saved him, Pete let her tag along with him to visit a friend's wedding. Rose quickly discovered her dad's failings and noticed his troubled marriage to Jackie. However, things became worse when the paradox caused by Rose directly altering her own timeline (along with a weakness in reality caused by having two versions of herself in the same place at the same time) caused interdimensional creatures to appear and start devouring everyone on the Earth, including The Doctor!

Pete was smart enough to figure out what was going on and, upon seeing the car that should have killed him stuck in an eternal time loop around the church, he ran outside and allowed himself to be knocked down and killed. This sacrifice restored the timeline and Pete died with Rose at his side.

Season Two (alternate universe Pete) Rose was reunited with her father - kind of - when she and The Doctor travelled to an alternate dimension. There she found a Pete Tyler who had become a wildly successful businessman and the face of a popular brand of soft drink.

However, this Pete's life was far from perfect - his relationship with Jackie was breaking up and he was involved with an unhinged scientist named John Lumic who was secretly working on a project to convert people into Cybermen. However, Pete was using his closeness to Lumic to feed information to The Preachers, a band of anti-Lumic outlaws.

Lumic put his plan into action, during which Jackie was converted. Pete, The Doctor, Rose and The Preachers made a last-ditch attack on Lumic and destroyed his operation. Rose later explained to Pete that she was his daughter from another universe (he and his Jackie were childless) but the information was too much for him and he ran off.

In the intervening years, he and The Preachers managed to all-but eliminate the Cyber menace, with Pete becoming director of anti-alien organisation Torchwood in the process. However, the Cybermen then developed technology that allowed them to cross over into The Doctor's world.

Pete and The Preachers followed to help destroy the creatures once and for all. There, he met Jackie Tyler and the two began a relationship. After a dramatic battle, he returned to his own world with Jackie Tyler, Mickey Smith and Rose Tyler. However, the barriers between worlds were then restored and a return to The Doctor's world was made impossible.

Appearances First season: Appears in 1.08, "Father's Day".

Second season: Appears in 2.05, "Rise of the Cybermen"; 2.06, "The Age of Steel" and 2.13, "Doomsday".

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