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British SF author. One of the new wave of British SF writers who has made a big impact on the SF scene in the late nineties/early 2000's.
Main works include two series: the "Greg Mandel" series and the "Night's Dawn" trilogy.

The "Greg Mandel" series is a near-future SF set in a post-dictatorial England. Includes "Mindstar Rising", "A Quantum Murder" and "The Nano Flower". An ex-member of a psychically-enhanced army squad is contacted by one of the most powerful people in England's post-global-warming economy to help solve a mistery. Expect a cynical, near-future action-packed SF trilogy. A true page-turner and definitely worth you time ... But also ...

The "Night's Dawn" trilogy, consisting of "The Reality Dysfunction", "The Neutronium Alchemist" and most recently (2001) "The Naked God". An old-fashioned (well...) space opera set several centuries into out future. After the Great Dispersal, some humans (Edenists) are genetically enhanced to be telepathic, while other (Adamists) are still plain old human. All of them are spread out over the galaxy and described in gorgeous detail in one of the most exquisitely detailed future histories in current SF. And then trouble occurs. It's tough to give an idea of the scope of this series. The three installments are each +1000 pages - so big that the US paperbacks had to split in 2 volumes each. Great, solid, fun science fiction.
A short story collection "A Second Chance At Eden", placed in the "Night's Dawn" universe, portrays the build-up to the start of the trilogy.

Hamilton's most recent novel, "Fallen Dragon" is a single-volume look at what space exploration could be like when run by large corporations.

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