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Peter Gatien is the undisputed nightlife king of New York City. He was born in Canada in 1952 and raised Catholic. His clubs include The Tunnel, The Limelight, The Palladium and Club USA.

1996 saw trouble for Gatien and his NYC club monopoly. He was hit with two lawsuits; One demanded $1.3 million dollars in back taxes, while the other alledged that he was deliberately running his clubs as "drug supermarkets" for club-kids looking for ecstasy and special k. Although I have no clue about the tax lawsuit, which really doesn't matter since he has more than enough money to pay $1.3 million dollars to stay out of jail, I know that he was acquitted of the drug dealing charge. Most of the witnesses were drug dealers themselves and the jury found their testimony untrustworthy and inconsistent.

Also, at the age of 17, Peter Gatien lost an eye as the result of a hockey injury. Since then, he has worn a black, evil-looking trademark eyepatch. I am of the opinion that all nightclub owners/drug dealers should have evil-looking trademark eyepatches.

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