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One of the two founding colleges of Trent University (the once all male, brother college to Catherine Parr Trail College).

Founded in 1964
Currently located at the intersections of George, Parkhill, and Water Streets in Peterborough
Faculties and organizations who affiliate with it: Cultural Studies, Methodologies for the Study of Western History and Culture, the university newspaper (The Arthur), OPIRG, the Trent Women's Centre, The Trent Queer Collective

This place has long been a hot-bed of critical thinking (or at least it is in my opinion) and neo-political rebellion. We at PRC (as it is called) tend to lean toward more countercultural pursuits. And, in my opinion, it attracts very cool people.

This location though is currently in dispute. Due to the philosophies of consolidation held by the Mike Harris government - which have been adopted by the University Administration, the college is slated for closure during an undetermined period of time prior to new moneys becoming available to build new facilities out in the sub-urbs.

A strong coalition of students, staff, and faculty have joined together to try to make the Board of Governors reconsider the decision to tear out this link to the downtown Peterborough community. The first attempt took the form of a lawsuit against the Board of Governors for a constitutional breach - by their ignoring a Senate decision. This constitutional challenge was defeated by the initial court. The coalition - not to be deterred - took the case to appeal ed: The appeal was regected. The appeal too was defeated two justices to one. Which means, that at the date of writing, the college is slated to be closed already, though due to space constraints, it is still open as a residence.

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