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'Peter' was a classic mad scientist type; brilliant, but highly idiosyncratic.

Because he was highly skilled, he ended up being invited to lots of meetings. He came to hate long and mostly pointless meetings with a passion, and since he was a key member of most meetings he attended, he came up with his rule, because he could.

The rule was mad, but actually worked, because the side effects made it work.

The rule was this: 'no meeting can last longer than 2 person hours'.

So, if 6 people turn up to the meeting- the meeting will last 20 minutes. 4 people, half an hour.

If the allotted time was exceeded, Peter would simply get up and walk out- the meeting was over as far as Peter was concerned. He didn't mean to be offensive, everyone was presented with the rule well before the meeting, that's just the way it was, and everyone knew the score.

Dumb rule huh?

But the side effects were brilliant. Because the more people there were in the meeting, the quicker the meeting would be over, it pays to put the absolutely minimum number of people in the meeting, this makes the meeting more efficient.

Also, because the meetings tend to be short, everyone had to turn up extremely well prepared. The meetings ran very well.

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