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I drive a Peugeot 206, so I feel I can review it.
The 206 is a splendid beast. From a design perspective, it was a bit of a breakthrough for Peugeot, who had been contentedly making little square boxes for years. A little longer and heavier (but also sexier) than a 106, but without the sensible ''family car'' feeling given by a 306, the 206 is a great car for the young chap or chappess with or without kids. If you're used to being tall, as I am, you'll know that leg-room is all important. The 206 has plenty. It's the first 'small car' that I can have more than enough leg room. Admittedly, nobody can sit behind me when I drive, but what do I care, they'd only slow me down anyway. Also, headroom is ample.

I also love the car's face. The headlamp glass also incorporates the sidelights and indicators, giving a very sleek look. (Out of interest, if the headlight is an eye, then the indicators are in the tear duct). The acutely angled windscreen giving an exaggerated impression of being low to the ground too - which is nice. From the side, the car is a lot heavier-looking toward the back (although still curvy), which makes it look (to me at least) like a big-cat poised to pounce.

The engine is smooth and quiet, with no 'sewing machine' noises (at the moment anyway). A 1.1 engine may feel too small, but 1.4 or more gives 'ok' acceleration. (By the way: Why are car engines so HUGE in the US?). I'm assured that the 1.6 GTi ha ample power. The handling is superb. Flying round corners without screeching (as you might in a car without such a great wheel-base) is fun.

Internally, it's all very plasticy, but tasteful. The enormous distance between the driver and the bottom of the windscreen imparts feelings of being the pilot of an aircraft, rather than the driver of a car. The seats are comfortable and very adjustable and (if you have an LX or better) the features package provides such fun as electrically adjustable (and heated) wing mirrors (using a little joystick thing), power steering, electric everything. You can obviously pay for air conditioning too.

Downsides of 206:

  1. Pedals are very close together.
  2. Wiper blades not converted to right-hand drive (partially compensated by eccentric arm)
  3. No light in glovebox.

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