"Philadelphia is a great, passionate football town. People ask me about the fans and the media here, and I tell them the truth: I love it that people care so much about the Eagles."
-Andy Reid, present head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles

A Philly fan is someone who is a follower of one, some or all of the sports teams in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. These teams include the Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia Flyers and Philadelphia 76ers. A Philly fan will most probably also root for the Pennsylvania State University Nittany Lions and/or the Temple Owls. Philly fans are known to especially hate the Dallas Cowboys as well as the other NFC East rivals. Philly tv stations have ran ads asking Philadelphians to not embarass themselves by murdering visiting fans!

Quotes from and about Philly fans:
"If we didn't care, we wouldn't boo."

"I have been a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles since birth. I am not a bandwagon type guy, and I don't like stinkin' bandwagon fans. I know there are some folks out there somewhere who keep that collection of 49ers, Cowboys, Bills, and Steelers jerseys hanging in the closet, just so they can wear the jersey of whatever team is hot at the time. In good times and bad, EAGLES FANS are as loyal as they come!
-John Russ, Philadelphia sports fan

"If people from other cities are stupid enough to come to Philadelphia to root for their football team, then they are stupid enough to be beaten up."
-Nicole, Philadelphia horse & buggy driver

"I know Philly fans have a bad rap for being cruel. Some fans do boo Santa Claus. Let me set the record straight. Not all of us boo Santa. I myself love Santa and he knows who has been naughty or nice. We Philly fans are loyal. Even through the bad times, and there have been many, we always stand behind our teams."
-Jaimie Older

"You like the opponent? Run for your life. This is Philly, not Rodeo Drive. We love our teams here like family. You mess with them you mess with us."
-Tawanda Fox, North Philadelphia

"Phillies fans would boo a wake"
-Joe Dugan

"If you're not wearing the right jersey, you're guaranteed to get beat up”
-Michael Zellman

"We are loud. We are dedicated. We demand the best from out teams. We are the best sports fans in the country. We are Philadelphia fans."
-Professor I

"Eagles fans, hell, all Philly sports fans, are looked at as the equivalent to international soccer fans!! And frankly, I just don't get it. Is there something wrong with having passion for the team you root for? Is it wrong to expect a bunch of overpaid and often spoiled athletes to work as hard at their job as we do at ours? I don't think so! So we boo when they underachieve, throw snowballs at Santa Claus, or give a well-deserved ass whoopin' to opposing teams' fans when they get out of line. At least were not Raiders' fans, stabbing and urinating on them. Then again, maybe we should, nobody seems to give a damn about that. Go figure."
-RoseCityEagle, Seattle, WA via www.concretefield.com

"the 700 level at the Vet is NOT for families, wives kids etc. i advise families to sit in the 400 or 500 level."
-anonymous 700 level season ticket holder since 1990

"Some of these people would boo the crack in the Liberty Bell"
-Pete Rose

"You can't blame them, they pay $55, $60 a ticket, and they have the right to voice their unhappiness."
-Brian Mitchell, Eagles running back & kick returner

"The Philly fans, everybody gets after them in terms of being the nastiest in the NFL. But I wish our fans in Dallas were like that at times. I wish they were as feisty and as nasty as Philadelphia's fans are."
-Darren Woodson, Dallas Cowboys strong safety

"Remember, you're coming here for these coaches. Don't come here for these fans. Because I hate these fans. I've been here all my life and I hate them all."
-John Chaney, Temple basketball coach speaking to a prospective player John Runyan for the Eagles

"Philly fans are great. Everybody complains about them being the meanest. That may be true. But, at the same time, they're great because it does get you into the game. They love their teams. I can respect that about them. They know their sports and they love their teams and they come out and support them every week, good or bad. It's the only place where you pull up on the bus and you've got the grandfather, the grandmother, the kids and the grandkids - everybody flicking you off. At other stadiums, they give you the thumbs-down. Here, they give you the middle finger."
-Michael Strahan, New York Giants defensive linesman

You know what they do when the game's rained out? They go to the airport and boo landings"
-Bob Uecker

"Some people need to grow up and find some inner peace, because there is no peace in watching somebody suffer"
-Emmitt Smith, speaking about Philly fans

"Ron Jaworski told me one time that he had completed like 14 passes in a row, and on the 15th one he had an incompletion and they booed him."
-Randall Cunningham, ex-Eagles quarterback

Philly Phacts
The most hardcore of Philly fans sit in the 700 level and 600 sections of Veteran's Stadium for baseball and football games. They love or love to hate the Phillies' mascot, the Phillie Phanatic and the Eagle's mascot, Swoop. Philly fans are sometimes so rowdy that there is a court outside the stadium where a municipal judge charges offenders.

Says Ken Berger(AP sports writer) "One theory for the fans' behavior is the longtime failure of their teams. The Eagles haven't won an NFL championship since 1960. The 76ers of the NBA had the worst record in league history when they were 9-73 in 1972-73. The Phillies have lost more games than any team in baseball history. They also blew the pennant in 1964, squandering a 61/2-game lead with 12 to play with 10 straight losses in 1964."

Philly fans usually eat things like scrapple, Philadelphia Cheese Steaks, Tastykakes, soft pretzels (purchased from someone on the side of the street), Herr's Potato Chips and wash it down with Frank's Black Cherry Wishniak Soda.

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