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Philosophische Untersuchungen
von Ludwig Wittgenstein

√úbersetzung (c) Apocryphist

Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations was originally published in the original German under this title in 1953 by G.E.M. Anscombe and Rush Rhees. Its publication followed Wittgenstein's death in 1951. (There is more information on this at Philosophical Investigations.)

I will begin the process of noding English language translations of some of the German language aphorisims or sections comprising Part I of the Philosophische Untersuchungen. I will provide a translation of each section into English following my own translations, the copyright to which I rescind for e2 only*, and which make use of Anscombe's copyrighted translations in their hermeneutical circlings. I wll provide the German text for only sections 1 thru 5 and section 39, as there are, apparently, copyright issues with any further reproduction; though I feel that refraining from reproducing them here is a somewhat cautious approach.*

Further information will be available here as the project progresses. You can start with:

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