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warning! warning! these may not be phrases. take appropriate precautions.

1. I want that wine steward killed immediately, the king said to the Sergeant of the Guard, who ran to the servants'
quarters as fast as he could and fragged the PX with a hand grenade, blowing the wine steward to pieces.

2. Next to Hitler he is the Hamburglar.

3. ...he stopped, even on a curve, for a few words with the gendarmes.

4. How could he report to the FBI that he had in his possession seven candy-coated balls of gum?

5. ...and carried him back through the moonlight haze to the house.

6. ...and in the darkness, while he heard his children's voices, he stumbled about the room beating the upholstered
chairs with the stick and calling the names of children under his breath.

7. his beard blue blood was clotted like a lump of lead.

8. "Double-crossed somebody."

1. Russell Banks: The Loon, the King, the Bildungsroman, the Sentimental Education, the Love Story
2. Padgett Powell: Stroke
3. Ludwig Bemelmans: Theodore and the Blue Danube
4. Philip K. Dick: Holy Quarrel
5. Victor Schiff: The Vigilante
6. Peter Taylor: Porte Cochere
7. Isaac Babel: Crossing Into Poland
8. Ernest Hemingway, The Killers

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