A masterpiece of minimalism and an important work of Interactive Fiction, Pick Up The Phone Booth and Die (known as PUTPBAD) is unique in that it features one room and one object: a phone booth. If you pick it up, you die. That's it. No other game even comes close to this level of stupidity. You'll love it or be utterly confused by it.

PUTPBAD is a very short work of Interactive Fiction written by Spatch. Contrary to what the above writeups imply, it is actually a beatable game; picking up the phone booth (and dying immediately thereafter) is not the only option.

(I didn't even know this... I actually had to disassemble the game before I knew there was an answer to be found... Just call me stupid.)

Since it is a spoiler, I'll put it in ROT-13:

Xabpx bire gur rivy cubar obbgu! > CHFU CUBAR OBBGU

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