What writerinthemist said with irony I say with conviction. Pidgey is the best Pokemon!

. . .

If you want to grind in Pokemon Go, I mean.

Pidgey is one of the original 150 Pokemon from the first games where it is annoyingly common. As the name suggests, it is a bird pokemon, though it doesn't look much like a pigeon.

In Pokemon Go, Pidgeys (along with Rattatas, Weedles, and zubats) are the most common ones to pop up for players under level ten, and they keep on popping up well after. As the player levels up, more pokemon become available, but for a significant amount of time those are the only ones a player will feasibly run in to. There are lots of jokes about this.

It gets progressively harder to level up in Pokemon Go because you need more and more experience per level. Example; I'm level 19 and I need 25000 exp. to level up. At 18, I needed 20000. In contrast, the amount of experience points you earn from catching, hatching, and evolving pokemon remains static. You will always get 100xp from catching. You'll always get 500 when you evolve.

So how are people getting around this to level up faster?

Pidgey grinding!

Pidgeys are one of the pokemon in Pokemon Go that can evolve after 12 candies. Every time you catch a Pidgey, you gain three candies, plus one more if you transfer the one you caught to professor Willow. Given how common Pidgeys are, this makes them perfect leveling fodder. What you do is:

1. Catch a whole mess of Pidgeys.

2. Use a Lucky Egg. The Lucky Eggs double your experience gain for a half hour.

3. Evolve all Pidgeys into Pidgeottos.

4. Collect 1000xp per evolution.

5. Level up, baby!


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