1910-95 French Composer, father of musique concrete, first to use phonograph as a musical instrument where he created 1st Loop Music by making a track on a record that was a one groove loop. He and Pierre Henry created a studio of electronic music in France during World War II during German Occupation. It was called Groupe de Recherches Musicales.

Later he switching to a tape recorder using audio tape. He was the first to use natural sounds (found sound) in his compositions. He called it musique concrete.

1948 speculated that an instrument could be created that would provide the sounds of an orchestral instrument by means of a bank of pre-recorded events. (The Mellotron eventually fulfilled this prophecy.)

Music he wrote or collaborated on:

He invented a number of instruments, including the morphophone and the phonogene. After the war, in the 50's, he was associated with the Radiodiffusion Television Francaises.

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