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A non-linear video editing application from Pinnacle Systems. This is not a professional editing package by any means, but it's easier and more intuitive than Adobe Premiere, and more fully-featured than Windows Movie Maker.

Studio is similar to other non-linear editing software in that you edit your videos by dragging and dropping video, audio, and title clips on a timeline. Studio has a good range of built-in effects and comes with TitleDeko for creating titles. However, it doesn't have the advanced features or multiple video and audio tracks of Premiere. This is okay though, because it's obvious that Studio is aimed at the home user, not the professional.

Even so, I've found that for small projects that don't need much more than editing, a few titles, and some background music, I can generally get the job done with Studio more quickly than I could in Premiere. Studio also has very nice video capture capabilities for both analog and digital sources (the digital capture features really shine).

Pinnacle Studio is inexpensive, with a retail price of less than $100. For the average home user and even the semi-professional, it's a good, cheap alternative to Adobe Premiere.

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