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The pistol P38 served as the replacement for the Pistole 08 for the German Wehrmacht during World War II.

The reasoning behind the replacement was the relative cost of the P08 compared to the ammunition used ( 9mm parabellum ), they also argued that the P08 was too sensitive and prone to jamming, and therefore decided to issue a contract for a new handgun.

Many companies tried to gain the contract from the German Heereswaffenamt. Including Sauer & Sohn, Berlin-Suhler Waffenfabrik, Mauser, and Walther.
The latter won the contract and after delivering 1470 guns in 1939 for test purposes, Walther started its regular production in 1940.

Mauser stopped production of the Luger pistol at the end of 1942. The last lot of P38s, though proofed by the Heereswaffenampt, were not even accepted by the military and instead sold to Portugal.
The production of guns under German authority stopped finally on the 20th of April, 1945 when the Mauser factory was overrun by French troops.

Caliber: 9mm parabellum
Clip: 8 rounds.
Action: Single action semi automatic.

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