The plastic thing that looks like a 3-legged table, which you find planted in the center of your boxed-up pizza when the delivery finally arrives. Without it, the box top would sag when other boxes were stacked on top, cheese from the pizza would stick to the inside of the top, and civilization as we know it would end messily.

Has anyone ever found any use for these things other than throwing them in the trash immediately?

My sister used them as end tables for her dolls. I cut the legs off of them and threw them at people in authority; well, at least I did when I was younger.

I use them to keep the wax paper from sticking to the leftover pizza when I reheat it in the microwave.
I use three of them in a triangular pattern to stack two plates of leftovers in the microwave.

They are quite useful if you make your own pickles or oil-packed vegetable (like artichokes).
You see, you want to stuff as much as possible into a jar, but if you overdo it some part may manage to surface and come in contact with air. And then it goes bad.
The solution is the little pizza box lid lifter (catchy product name, BTW), but placed upside down - with the flat part pushing on the pickles and the three little legs pushing on the jar lid.

One of my friends from many years ago was an avid role-playing gamer. While I prefered pencil and paper games, he was into card, board and figure games. In the latter, he used the little plastic doodahs to support figures that were flying. Neato.

(For the hard of visualising, ground-based figures could occupy the same space as a flying figure without confusion. I'm not sure if the plastic got in the way of air attacks...)

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