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The doctrine, closely related to the biological imperative (though not exactly equivalent), that all human behavior is ultimately motivated by one of two things, through a process known as thought looping:
  1. Increasing sexual competitiveness (ie. contribute to the Planetary Gene Pool at every opportunity)
  2. Avoiding "unnecessary" death.
Possible problems with theory:

The following arguments have been made against the validity of the Planetary Imperative theory:

Q: If that were true, then why are priests celibate?
A: Priests are celibate because they hope to have eternal life in heaven, thus avoiding unnecessary death.

Q: If that were true, then why do people committ suicide?
A: In the mind of a suicidal person, suicide is the only means of escape from their problems. Thus their death is necessary in their own mind.

Q: If that were true, why do people go to war?
A: People go to war because they are afraid of losing resources that will affect their sexual competitiveness or cause them to die unnecessarily.

Q: If that were true, why do people pee?
A: Because if they didn't they'd die.

It is also important to note that unlike the biological imperative, the planetary imperative can extend to assisting others in improving their sexual competitiveness and in avoiding unnecessary death.

It could possibly be said that this theory is really nothing more than a reification, however given the nature of epistemology, the findings of behavioral psychology and the advances made in biology and physics, this theory may have some validity.

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