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Born in Bruxelles, Belgium on februray 24 1958, Roger Jouret a.k.a. Plastic Bertrand is one of the main icons of the 80's glamrock period.

Early interested in music, he began as an amateur drummer and studied at the Bruxelles Academy of Music. Disliking his experience there, he found a job in a music store where he decided to start a punk rock band called Hubble Bubble, around 1976-77. The band got some popularity, but not enough for Jouret's tastes. During one of their last shows, Lou Deprijk, a famous producer known for his work with Two man sound discovered Jouret and convinced him to start a solo career.

Two days later, the name Plastic Bertrand was chosen and a first single was quickly released in october 1977: Ça plane pour moi. It became an instant world hit, being the second french recored ever to be in Billboard Top 100 reaching the 39th position.

Plastic released a few more albums but their success were limited to France, Belgium and Quebec with hit like Stop ou encore, Téléphone, téléphone, Asterix est là, or Jacques Cousteau, a song dedicated to the famous ocean explorer.

1978: An 1
1979: Je t'fais un plan
1980: L'album
1981: Greatest Hits
1982: Plastiquez vos baffles
1998: Pix
2000: Plastic Bertrand (Second greatest hits)

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