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Please Wait: Updating Personalised Settings for Microsoft Internet Explorer


Now deleting your Netscape Bookmarks.

I really enjoy this message, because it's so gloriously insane.

For those who haven't been subjected to the horror firsthand, when you install Windows or log on to an NT machine onto which you haven't logged (?!) before, you see a dialog box for a long time. It has this message on it. It has nothing else on it. No "cancel" button. No nothing. You can't make it stop except by turning the computer off (if you're installing, don't do that; I tried it once and I had to reinstall the whole damn operating system).

So, like, what's "personalized" about these settings, exactly? It won't let me tell it anything: There is no interface. This only happens in cases where the OS has never "seen" me before (or presumably when you install the browser wilfully, but has anybody ever done that? If so, why?), so it can't know anything about me by other means; therefore it cannot possibly be "personalizing" anything.

What an amazing company. They ram an unwanted OS patch down your throat, they disguise it as a web browser, and then before they're done they have to insult your intelligence yet again just to get the point across.

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