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Plop! was a DC comic in the early-to-middle 1970s, running from September 1973 to November 1976, running a total of 24 issues. Sergio Aragones was the principal (but far from the only) artist, with art appearing in every issue except #23.

The premise was similar to the EC comics of the 1950s, those horror comics that caused the Comics Code Authority to come into being. The hosts, however, rather than being a famous creepy storyteller (like the Cryptkeeper, of Tales From The Crypt fame), were Cain, Abel, and Eve. These three storytellers later appeared in the Kingdom of Dream, in Neil Gaiman's Sandman. In fact, in Return To The House Of Mystery in the late 1990s, Gaiman and Aragones worked together on a story bringing the three tale tellers together again.

Every cover was drawn by Aragones' MAD pal, Basil Wolverton, depicting a person disfigured in some amusing way. This probably led to Garbage Pail Kids, in a twisted fashion.

Plop! was also found in "The Best of DC", issues #60 and #63. The first issue was also reprinted in 1999 in the Millenium Editions reprints.

Source: http://www.ryaninteractive.com/comicvault/55_plop.htm

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