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A comic by Gary Brookins, the artist behind Shoe.

In the strip's parlance a "plugger" is someone who just goes to work day in day out - a blue collar, salt of the earth type. By extension it's also a reader of same who identifies with the midwestern, elderly, down-homey conservative blue collar type.

The fact that he uses anthropomorphic animals to represent "pluggers" (a chicken, a rhino, a cat) and some odd - firstly allows the portly animals to be realistically drawn as portly humans but also allows jowls, sagging parts and so forth to be equal fodder for the drawing. It also makes it incredibly surreal when the chicken character is preparing eggs, or a family of anthropomorphic dogs has a dog, which has been riffed on multiple times by The Comics Curmudgeon.

Brookins doesn't write the material he illustrates, but gets suggestions from readers and gives a shout out with name and city of origin for each cartoon. A representative panel shows two old pluggers in a diner chatting about their respective health problems due to age, with the caption "Pluggers have always believed in socialized medicine."

Think of it as a Family Circus for the Wal-Mart nation. 

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